Property Management


Set and forget property management, for you that is…

Staying on top of your property management is an ongoing,
relentless activity.

Even with the best tenants you can possibly imagine, you’ve got to have regular inspections, someone’s got to manage the finances and property maintenance issues are always going to pop-up now and again.

We can help you with all of that, or just one little part of it, whatever suits you best.


Tenant Lifecycle

Find you a Good Tenant.

The ideal tenants pay on time, every time, and keep your property in excellent condition. Apart from that they’re all very different – so we’ll talk, first of all, to determine the demographic that suits your property the best, and then we’ll get to work.

We’ll advertise appropriately for the target market, review the applicants and develop a shortlist, then interview accordingly. By the time we propose a new tenant, they’re thoroughly vetted and ready to move in.

Ensure the rent is paid on time.

We’ll establish the frequency, provide your tenant a variety of payment options then get it all up and running.
You’ll also have the option to receive the rent as soon as it’s paid, or wait to the end of the month instead.

Unlike other agencies we’ve experienced, we also try to keep your tenants happy too. While you may be our client, they’re an important stakeholder in the process. We treat everyone with the decency and respect we would expect to receive ourselves, and as basic as that sounds – it really makes a difference.

If there’s ever a missed payment we simply give them a call, and because we’ve taken the time to get to know them, it’s generally resolved immediately. If it ever comes to it, however, we can discuss the approach, and handle the termination process for you.

Keep your property in great condition.

We’ll visit your tenants and inspect the property. This keeps your tenant on their toes in regard to cleanliness, of course, and we also offer a cleaning service to tenants, taking that off their hands if they want.

We also dig a little deeper with inspections, monitoring the effectiveness of water heaters or reverse cycle air-conditioning, for example. This ensures we deal with ongoing maintenance, as opposed to unexpected failure, and saves you a fortune in the long run.

Inspections are also performed by a tradesman, so if there are any minor repairs they can often take care of it straight away. This speeds up the process, keeps the cost down – and your tenant is pleased because the work is done immediately!

Your Property Reports include:

  • Condition of every checklist item
  • Photography of the entire property
  • Health check on appliances
  • Suggested intervention, if required
  • Maintenance check on air-conditioning
  • Proposed repairs & costs, if required

Find you another tenant when they leave.

We try to look after your tenants so well they don’t want to leave, but if they eventually do, we’ll swing into action. Having performed a full inspection reports before they moved in, now we’ll do it again to make sure everything’s in order. Then we’ll organise end-of-lease cleaning, setting us up for the next tenant too.

Bonds are held until this part of the process is finalised, and then it’s all done! In the meantime we’ll be searching for your next tenant, so there’s minimal gaps in tenancy.

Here’s what else we do for you…

Investor Services

Maximise your income, minimise vacancies
Knowing what the market can handle in terms of rent is one of the key factors in property management. Price it too low, you’re leaving money on the table – too high and you’ll struggle to find a tenant. We’re experts at finding the right balance to maximise your rent, and minimise vacancies.

Ensure you’re compliant, and minimise risk
We’ll stay on top of your legal obligations under NSW State Legislation, let you know when anything has to be done, then take care of it all for you.

Manage your paperwork, make EOFY easy
We’ll take care of the lease, all the legalities of securing a new tenant and we’ll also arrange payment of insurance, rates and all expenses. You can choose to receive rent as soon is it’s paid, or at the end of the month, whatever suits you best. And finally, at the end of the financial year we’ll deliver everything required for your tax return, leaving very little for you to do.

All of this is available as a standalone service, or combined with our property maintenance service too.

And here’s the costs…

Property Management Fees

  • Full tenant lifecycle support
  • Complete suite of investor services
  • EOFY package with nothing to do
  • Legalities all taken care of
  • Regulations monitored for you
  • Rent review on a regular basis 

Property Management & Maintenance Fees

  • Full tenant lifecycle support
  • Complete suite of investor services
  • EOFY package with nothing to do
  • Property maintenance subscription
  • Legalities all taken care of
  • Regulations monitored for you
  • Rent review on a regular basis
  • Property improvement suggestions

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