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Constant repairs getting you down? We’ll do it all for you, or give you a hand.

Owning your own home is incredibly satisfying.For a start you’re paying your own mortgage, not someone else’s. You can make any changes you want, enjoy the improvements and benefit from the increase in value too.But it also comes with a brand new to-do list, that you might not have the time, desire or skills to deal with. Well you’re in luck, because we can do it all for you, or help you do it yourself.

3RD Subscription

One subscription, for all your needs

A service where you gain access to over thirty years of experience, a range of tried trusted suppliers and a personal concierge to handle it all.

What you get

  • A personal concierge taking care of everything for you
  • Checks every six months (..?)
  • Minor repairs and regular upkeep
  • Access to the 3rd Hand Club

What it costs

  • $50 p/m subscription fee (..?)
  • Major repairs are additional, and will be estimated first


Learn as you go, support when you need it

Want to do your own repairs and improvement, but don’t have the skills..?

Join the  3rd Hand, where you’ll have access to a host of resources including useful tips, and step-by-step guides on how to fix and maintain most of the items you’ll have to deal with in your home. For complex issues you’d rather not deal with, you’ll also have access to our trusted suppliers who can help you with anything from plumbing to carpet cleaning, air-conditioning and cooker repairs.

All suppliers have been tried, tested and vetted to ensure they deliver service of the highest quality, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands if you need to call on them.

Property Club Subscription

What you get:

  • 24/7 access to the 3rd Hand Club
  • Educational guides & videos
  • Details of a trusted selection of tradesmen & specialists
  • Quarterly webinars from industry professionals & tradesmen
  • Community forum for sharing knowledge & advice
  • Exclusive access to recycled appliances & goods
  • Tips and advice on sustainable living
  • Home improvement skills and ideas

Free Download

Every Thing A Real Estate Manager Should Be Doing

An Essential Real Estate Checklist

A fully itemised checklist of everything a manager should be doing, but very few are, and keep in mind a really good manager will help you:
  • Optimise the income from your investment
  • Reduce costs with regular preventative upkeep
  • Ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations
  • Maintain, and even increase the value of your investment
  • Keep tenancy levels high, and gaps between tenancies low
  • Provide help with expanding your property portfolio


Frequently Asked Questions

We can manage the investment side of your real estate from anywhere, however our managers are all based in Sydney, because they need to be able to drop round at a moment’s notice. For this to be done properly, you really need boots on the street. To find out if your suburb is covered contact us here, or give us a call on 02 9586 0000.

First established in December 1996, you might say we’ve been round the block a few times, unlike a lot of the newer ‘hybrid real state’ models around at the moment. 

Yes, our licence number is 953746. 

It’s an essential part of our overall service, combining all real estate services under one roof. The workshop is where we take care of a lot of repairs, and also store items to be repurposed at a later date.

We’re there to help out as much as we can, but in an emergency it’s best to contact the emergency services first, and let us know afterwards.

NSW SES: 132 500
Jemena (GAS): 131 909
Ausgrid: 131 388

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