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Everything changes, everything stays the same.

Working in the industry for over three decades we’ve seen a lot of change. From boom to bust, technological disruption, pandemics and sky high interest rates, you name it.Throughout all that change, however, there are three constants that always remain.


The Third Hand Approach

Focus on one thing, and do
it extremely well.

We’re a real estate company first and foremost. Looking after the bricks and mortar, along with the tenants & owners just seemed to make sense. So we packaged all these services together, giving you one port of call for everything.

It’s people you trust,
in the end.

It’s a person who turns up and fixes the toilet, and who interviews your prospective new tenant. Technology is useful, and we use it when we can but we don’t hide behind it, like others might do. It’s people you trust in the end, and we respect that.

Relationships matter,
above all else.

Building fantastic relationships with your clients, and the people you work with isn’t just a great way to do business, it’s a great way to live your life. Relationships take work, but we always try our best.
Not just to do the job, but to make it easy for you too.


We’ve built our business around these universal truths, and they all serve to benefit you.

So if you like the sound of a business where you’re the first priority, every time, then welcome to The Third Hand.

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