Thirty years of real estate , thirty years of experience.

You’d think that would be enough, and it would be time to hang up our hats but the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years keeps us going.

And despite the changing landscape of the industry, experience really counts in this business.

Knowing how to interview a prospective tenant, properly, is more than just ticking the box. And handling a tricky tenant with patience and grace, while still being firm is a balance acquired
over decades, not years.

That’s what we bring to the table, along all of the following.

Here’s what we can do for you

Absolutely everything, or select what you need.

Tenant Lifecycle

From marketing to interviewing tenants, managing all the legalities and finances, keeping your investment in great condition and replacing tenants when they leave, it’s all on us now.

Investor Services

Ensuring you’re getting the optimum rent, staying on top of the regulations and delivering documents in time for your tax return, is another job you don’t need to do.More about property management

Upkeep & Repairs

We’ll perform checks every six months, ensure your investment is being kept in good condition and reduce the chance of unexpected and costly repairs.

Potential Improvement

If we see an opportunity to improve your property and increase the rent, then we’ll let you know, cost the work and get on with it for you.More about property maintenance


If you want, these services can also be delivered separately, but if you really do need help, you might as well let us do it all.

So just give us a call, and we’ll give you a hand.

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Every Thing A Real Estate Manager Should Be Doing

An Essential Real Estate Checklist

A fully itemised checklist of everything a manager should be doing, but very few are, and keep in mind a really good manager will help you:
  • Optimise the income from your investment
  • Reduce costs with regular preventative upkeep
  • Ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations
  • Maintain, and even increase the value of your investment
  • Keep tenancy levels high, and gaps between tenancies low
  • Provide help with expanding your property portfolio


Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easier for our clients, and to reduce the overall cost for our clients too. We’ve done this by charging as little as possible for day-to-day tasks, and when we need to secure a new tenant, or perform a market review, for example – there’s a separate cost for that.Traditional real estate managers have built these ‘extra’ costs into the pricing whether you use them or not. We decided to go a different way, and our clients benefit tremendously.
We can manage the investment side of your real estate from anywhere, however our managers are all based in Sydney, because they need to be able to drop round at a moment’s notice. For this to be done properly, you really need boots on the street. To find out if your suburb is covered contact us here, or give us a call on 02 9586 0000.
No, and if your current managers insists just let us know, and we’ll have a word with them. Most have a 30 day termination period, but there should be no additional costs.

Yes you can, and if you need a hand just let us know.

First established in December 1996, you might say we’ve been round the block a few times, unlike a lot of the newer ‘hybrid real state’ models around at the moment. 

Yes, our licence number is 953746. 

When your tenants are content your ongoing costs are lower, and your investment is looked after better too – so we consider a happy tenant one of the most important parts of the picture. In fact, our entire business model has been developed to achieve exactly this.For example, our tenants enjoy minimal interruptions because of our managers able to do repairs on the spot, while they’re performing an inspection. We also have a raft of services available to make their loves easier, such as cleaning,  general upkeep and even help relocating when the time comes.
It’s an essential part of our overall service, combining all real estate services under one roof. The workshop is where we take care of a lot of repairs, and also store items to be repurposed at a later date.

We’re there to help out as much as we can, but in an emergency it’s best to contact the emergency services first, and let us know afterwards.

NSW SES: 132 500
Jemena (GAS): 131 909
Ausgrid: 131 388

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