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Welcome to The Third Hand! Where experience, people and relationships matter above all else. ​

Experience, if we’re lucky, creeps up on us all, and we get to look back at ourselves and realise how little we actually knew at the time. After thirty years in the property industry, however, I finally feel comfortable saying – I think I’ve learned a thing or two, and there’s still so much more to know.

That’s why I decided to launch The Third Hand, a new agency that’s evolved from a traditional property management business, bringing property management and property maintenance together under one roof – making it so much easier for my clients, and allowing me to help more people, more completely. 

Over the years I’ve watched property management evolve, deal with ups and downs, twists and turns and lately, I’ve watched the technology accelerate. With lower cost offerings all wrapped around an App, and ‘Virtual Property Managers’ becoming an actual reality.

Now, excuse me for being frank, but I reckon whoever came up with that idea has never spent any time, at all, actually being a property manager!

I've learned that experience really counts, and my younger self would be amazed at that.

Property management, and yes, even property maintenance is all about people. Building relationships with property investors, owner occupiers and tenants alike. Looking out for people’s best interests, not cutting corners to save a few dollars in the short run, but doing the right thing by everyone, which leads to better financial results in the long run.

It’s a job that, to be honest, I probably didn’t do very well when I was younger. You need to be part handyman, part solicitor, master negotiator and sometimes, even a psychologist.

We use technology when it’s useful, of course, however the range of skills required to be extremely good at property management, is something that accumulates over time. So here we are, over thirty years in and launching a new business that, I truly believe, will serve our clients better than any other agency out there.

For Investors

We’ve developed set-and-forget property management, and the option to combine with property maintenance too, simplifying everything to do with your investment, and saving you money along the way. 

For Owner Occupiers

We can take all the maintenance off your hands, with the industry’s very first property maintenance subscription, or we can help you with DIY, advice, tips and tricks through The Third Hand Property Club.

For Tenants

We do everything we can to make you feel at home, and we also combine routine inspections with regular maintenance, so there’s less disruption to your lifestyle. 

We also have a growing focus and interest in micro-living, and a long-term commitment to sustainability. Sustainable living makes sense not only from an environmental perspective, but it saves you money too, and while micro-living isn’t right for everyone, it’s a highly cost effective and efficient lifestyle for many.

Especially in a city with some of the most expensive property on the planet.

Anyway, if you’re reading this then you probably love property almost as much as I do, so if you want to reach out, feel free to do so right here, or sign up below for a newsletter every couple of months.

In the meantime, all the very best.

Angelo Boliaris

Director, The Third Hand

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